GLM - Sludge Dewatering

The company is able to offer a service of sludge dewatering to different business sectors, such as: the textile and food industry, metalwork, pharmaceutical chemicals, petrol chemical, paper manufacturers, council services, glass, TOC, micro-tunnelling and even more.
G.L.M. srl is, in fact, able to find solutions for reducing the volume of every type of sludge and to overcome difficult logistic situations thanks to its mobile equipment that allows for a fast and practical installation on the site.
Due to complete autonomy of work, on which the company spirit is based, the set up simply means the preparation of the hydraulics and electrics of the machine before starting the suction phase of the sludge. This characteristic distinguishes the service in as much as it avoids any obstruction in the area of operation and the use of unnecessary manpower and waste of time and cost.
After assessing the type of sludge to be dewatered by means of an inspection, G.L.M. srl offers centrifuge machines and filter presses fitted on articulated lorries and aided by a conditioning station for sludge using reactants of the highest quality, highly qualified operators and a vast range of auxiliary equipment such as: articulated lorries suitable for roll off containers, different types of pumps, compressors for sludge homogenisation, electric generators, forklift trucks, sifting machines, suckers etc.
According to the requirements of the client, the company is also involved in the transport and disposal of the dewatered sludge, finding the best economical solution in compliance with the legislation in force; it also provides its own means of transportation and, when required, it makes available to the client the plants previously agreed upon for treating, disposing of and recycling the waste.